As a precious and completely natural raw material, Cashmere needs particular attention and care to preserve its qualities in the best possible way and for a long time. In fact, taking care of a Cashmere garment requires particular attention: for example, wear it for a maximum of two consecutive days, then let it rest for another two days before wearing it again. When it’s time to wash your Cashmere garment, it is better to do so by hand and using cold water, avoiding centrifuges or dryers. Simply lay it on a surface to dry, without hanging it.
For the first two or three cycles of use of the garment, it is normal for the “pilling” to occur. Pilling is simply the manifestation of small balls of fluff. To remove them simply use a razor blade, passing it carefully on the garment, or remove them by hand. When a garment is made out of high quality yarns, after a maximum of three cycles of use it should stop showing the pilling phenomenon, that is nothing but the natural expulsion from the fibres of the superfluous material.



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