Since three generations,
fine knitwear in the heart of Tuscany

Tredicinodi was born in 2011 thanks to Maicol Cecchi. Son of three generations of Italian knitters,
Maicol grows up between weaving machines and spools of thread, And he soon learns the language of wool and of cashmere,
which he loves particularly.

This is how he decides to found Tredicinodi, a specialized brand in the creation of unique pure cashmere garments.

Unique garments

Tredicinodi challenges the market of fast-fashion and standardization, and has the ambition to carry on the art and italian tradition of handcrafted knitwear, preserving for each single item the care and attention it deserves.

No more than cashmere

Nothing more than cashmere. Nothing less.
Outside of the branding logic, we want to take the garment back to its most natural essence: the raw material from which it is made.



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