When May arrives and the climate becomes milder, the goats that populate the Asian highlands, accustomed to the harsh winters typical of areas like Asia Minor, begin to lose their under fleece, the warm and soft barrier that for the whole winter has protected them from the hostile climate. The under fleece is invisible at first sight because it is hidden by the outer hair. Unlike this kind of hair, which is ruvid and coarse, the under fleece is similar to a hidden treasure, made up of thousands of fibers, dense and very thin, extraordinarily soft. The quality of this fiber is deeply connected to the rigidity of the climatic conditions. In fact the under fleece protects the goats from temperatures that during winter can reach up to 30°C below zero.
It is only with the arrival of spring that shepherds brush the goats, collecting that part of hair that has already naturally detached. The brushing is a totally harmless procedure for the animal. Here is the origin of this precious fiber, born in the east but adopted by Italy, because it is here that the best quality yarns are processed by the expert hands of Italian craftmen. For Tredicinodi’s garments we only use Italian yarns of the highest quality, which is determined by a careful selection of the best fleece available. It’s the finesse and the length of this fiber that allows us to craft garments that last through time, keeping intact their original beauty.





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